Season 1 

+ Sleeping at Last on Creative Discipline

Artist, songwriter, and music industry pioneer, Ryan O'Neal, better known by the moniker, Sleeping at Last, shares what it's like to write 36 songs in 12 months, score a kid's TV show, and continue searching for creativity even when it feels like you're empty.

+ Esther Havens on Not Taking No for an Answer

Esther Havens is a humanitarian photographer capturing stories that transcend a person's circumstances and reveal their true strength. For many years she has worked on social-awareness campaigns with organizations such as charity: water, TOMS Shoes, Warby Parker and Malaria No More. Her images compel thought and challenge action. She has traveled to over 50 nations in the last 10 years -- and she'll keep going until she sees that every person on the planet has access to education, clean drinking water and a job to provide for their families.

+ Andrew Belle on Quitting Your Day Job

Chicago-based artist, writer, and music maker, Andrew Belle, best known for his breakout album, Blackbear, joins us to discuss balancing work & art, the lure of comfort, and when to quit your day job.

+ Rob Morris on Being Human

Rob Morris is the President and Co-Founder of the global child trafficking prevention movement, Love 146. Rob opens up about the complexities of child trafficking, why we need to immerse ourselves in each other's humanity, and the wisdom of Cervante's Don Quixote.

+ Seth Godin on the Power of Tension

Seth Godin is the author of numerous best sellers including Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip, and Purple Cow. He writes about the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. In this candid conversation, Seth talks about embracing tension and what to do when it's your turn.

+ Sam White on Building Community

Growing up in 7 Mile Detroit, Sam White fell in love with Shakespeare after her mom caught her listening to hip hop and made her read his complete works instead. Now as an adult, she believes in a different Detroit than you hear on the news, one where the arts are revitalizing culture and community. She is the founder of Shakespeare in Detroit which performs in places where people live, work, and play from high schools and public parks to warehouses and recycling centers. Sam shares her remarkable journey reminding us that our best work is done when others say it can’t be.

+ Danielle Bennett on Patience

Educator and poet, Danielle Bennett, holds a Masters in Education from LMU where she wrote her thesis on arts education as a venue for social justice. Danielle talks about the connection between education and poetry, finding your voice, and balancing your day job with your other passions. She also performs one of her poetry pieces for us on this special live edition of the Sounds Like A Movement podcast.

+ Jeremy Courtney on Remaking the World

Jeremy Courtney is the Founder and Executive Director of Preemptive Love, a peacemaking movement bent on waging love in some of the world's most dangerous conflict zones like Iraq and Libya. Through medical care, political dialogue, and more, Jeremy and his team are risking their lives to mend families torn apart by war and violence. Recorded live from Iraq, we discuss what it's like to have a big vision at a young age, how the next generation should respond to global conflicts like ISIS, and why healing begins when we choose to put our biases aside and "love anyway."

+ Blaine Hogan on Making Better Art

Blaine Hogan is a seasoned writer and creative director with new course for artists called Make Better. He believes better art produces better people and vice versa. We unpack that belief, discussing quantum physics, the importance of a manifesto, and why it's better to use tools than be one.

+ Elle Luna on Trusting Your Gut

Elle Luna is a painter, designer, and writer whose new book, The Crossroads of Should & Must, helps people find and follow their passion. In this candid interview, we discuss the tension between following your gut and having a strategy, why we dream, and how to write a mission statement that others want in on.

+ Joshua Becker on Doing More with Less

Joshua Becker is at the forefront of the minimalist movement. His blog, Becoming Minimalist, has caught fire with the public and has led to 4 best selling books: Simplify, Clutter-free with Kids, Inside-out Simplicity, and Living with Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness. We listen to Josh today talk about the rise of this fascinating phenomenon and why more and more people are choosing to live with less.

Season 2 

+Sarah Dubbeldam on Being Honest

Sarah Dubbeldam is the Founder of Darling, a women's magazine with a "no-retouch" policy. Thousands and thousands belong to Darling's movement. On the latest podcast, Sarah (who is brave, awesome, and crazy-smart) talks about how honesty and integrity can have a huge influence on a culture that's bored with materialism and manipulation.

+Ryan Booth on Creative Leadership

Filmmaker, Ryan Booth, is the innovative mind behind SerialBox Presents. His work has been trusted by Spotify, South by Southwest, and groundbreaking artists like The Lone Bellow and David Ramirez. While many interviews with filmmakers discuss the craft of filmmaking, this particular one focusses on leadership, specifically, the humility and teamwork it takes to make things that move people.

+ Branden Harvey on Social Generosity

Branden Harvey is one of the most influential instagrammers in the world. He's been to the White House, Israel, and shoots for brands like Sony and Chevy. His mission isn't to be rich or famous, but to change the world for good. We talk about combatting social media selfishness, sending the first snapchat from the White House, and instagramming from one of the most dangerous places on earth.

+ Drew Holcomb on Giving Up

Drew Holcomb is an American singer/songwriter whose work has appeared on Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, House, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He's also shared the stage with Ryan Adams, The Avett Brothers, Switchfoot, and Needtobreathe. How did all that happen? It's simple: He gave up. (Includes an exclusive live performance from his new album, "Medicine").

+ Tony Hale on Creative Restlessness

Emmy Award winner, Tony Hale, best known for his roles as Buster on Arrested Development and Gary on HBO's Veep, joins The Sounds Like A Movement podcast. We talk about the benefit of staying present vs. worrying about what's next, a concept he illustrates in his new children's book, Archibald's Next Big Thing.

+ Jamie Tworkowski on Asking for Help

Jamie Tworkowski is the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit movement presenting hope and help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHAencourages, informs, inspires, and also invests directly into treatment and recovery. Jamie is also the best selling author of If You Feel To Much: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped For. We talk about something so simple, yet so profound, that it really should never be forgotten: that every story and every life deeply matters.

+ James Victore on Saying Something that Matters

James Victore is a world renown Artist, Designer, Author, and Teacher whose work has been featured in 99U, Mailchimp, and the Museum of Modern Art. He's bold. He's brash, and unapologetically weird -- and his life's work is to help others be the same. We talk about leaving the herd, ditching the need to be perfect, and most importantly, saying something that matters.

+ Brad Montague on Creating Wonder

Brad Montague is the creator of Kid President, the popular web series featured on Rainn Wilson's Soulpancake Youtube channel. What started as a small homemade web show has turned into a movement online with over 90 million views, global social good projects all over the world, a New York Times best selling book and a critically acclaimed television series. He is also the director of GO! Camp, an experience for teenagers who want to change the world, and co-founder of Love In Stereo, a collective of artists striving to create work that gives back. He and his family live and work in Tennessee.

+ Amber Rae on Making the World we Want

Amber Rae is a writer, painter, and designer hell-bent on living a fully expressed creative life where what she does is in alignment with who she is. She is the creator of The Daily Clue, an email subscription described as “yoga for the soul", and The World We Want, a global public art project. She is a contributor on conscious and creative living to Fast Company, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, ABC World News, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., BBC, well+GOOD, Tim Ferriss's blog and The Huffington Post. We talk about overcoming shame, becoming who you really are, and making the world we want.

+ Dan Haseltine on Lost Causes

Dan Haseltine is the frontman of the Grammy Award-winning band, Jars of Clay, and co-founder of Blood:Water Mission, a movement that partners with Africa to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises. We talk about something we can all identify with, lost causes, and why some are worth fighting for.

+ Nick Ross on Human Narratives

Nick Ross is a filmmaker, storyteller, cancer survivor, and the creative force behind Highly Evolved Human, a web series produced by SoulPancake based on his journey going through cancer treatment. Nick also writes for BuzzFeed, performs with Upright Citizens Brigade and is known for producing the kind of stuff that makes the internet more human.We talk about the intersection of honesty, pain, and comedy -- why telling our true stories helps us connect with each other.

+ Srini Rao on Doing Unmistakable Work

Srini Rao is the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast where he's conducted over 500 interviews with artists and thought leaders giving him an incredibly distinctive view into storytelling and innovation. He's also written multiple books including the WSJ Best Seller, The Art of Being Unmistakable. We discuss the future of media, what it means to spark a movement, and how to say something that's truly unmistakable..

Season 3 

+ Jon Foreman on Embracing Chaos

Jon Foreman is a writer, raconteur, and lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band, Switchfoot. In addition to producing albums that have gone double platinum, Jon's writings have been featured in publications like The Huffington Post and Men's Health. In this special live episode of The Sounds Like A Movement Podcast, we discuss our relationship with chaos and how tension produces wonder. Jon also plays three songs from his latest solo project, The Wonderlands.

+Eryn Eddy on Entrepreneurship

Eryn Eddy is the founder and CEO of So Worth Loving, a lifestyle fashion movement with a simple and profound message. We talk about the stuff that happens to us as kids, reclaiming your identity, and the state of women entrepreneurship.

+ Sister Simone Campbell on Story vs. Schtick

Sister Simone Campbell is a catholic nun who was named a "bad influence" by the vatican for working too much with the poor. She is a lawyer, author, poet, and founder of the Nuns on the Bus movement which lobbies for the rights of the oppressed marginalized all over the country. She's been a guest on the Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and spoke at the Democratic Convention in 2012. We talk about transforming our community, how movements are like snowballs, and the difference between story and schtick.

+ Becca Stevens on Love & Freedom

CJ goes behind the scenes of Thistle Farms, an uncommon movement led by women who are survivors of addiction, trafficking, and extreme poverty. Among the women of Thistle Farms, CJ interviews the program's founder: author, social entrepreneur, and Episcopal minister, Becca Stevens. They talk about the difference between a campaign and a movement, the myth of balance, and the {evident} healing power of love.

+ Jeremy Cowart on Weird Ways to Help the World

Jeremy Cowart has been called by The Huffington Post, the most influential photographer on the internet. He's taken portraits of many familiar names such as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Tebow, and The Kardashians. Jeremy is also the founder of Help-Portrait, a worldwide movement of photographers using their time, equipment, and expertise to give back to those less fortunate. His latest project is a hotel chain he's building simply called "The Purpose Hotel." We talk about growing a movement that lives beyond you and why the weirdest ideas are often the most rewarding.

+ Rob Bell on the Role of Artists in Movements

Rob Bell is a bestselling author, international teacher, and highly sought after public speaker. His books include The New York Times bestseller Love Wins, along with What We Talk About When We Talk About God, The Zimzum of Love, Velvet Elvis, Sex God, Jesus Wants to Save Christians, Drops Like Stars. At age 28 he founded Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, and under his leadership it was one of the fastest-growing churches in America. In 2011 he was profiled in Time Magazine as one of their 100 most influential people. We talk about his latest book, How To Be Here, honing your craft, combatting cynicism, and why movements need artists to grow.

+ Krista Tippett on the Personal & Particular

Krista Tippett is a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and New York Times bestselling author. In 2014, she received the National Humanities Medal at the White House. She is the host & executive producer of On Being, a social enterprise with a radio show at its heart. We talk about why following your dream may not be the most important thing, why movements are local & particular, and why her latest book, Becoming Wise, is striking a chord with a generation.

+ Harris III on How Stories Restore Order

CJ sits down with storyteller, curator, and illusionist, Harris III, to discuss how stories restore order, why imagination can cause worry, and Harris' latest endeavor, Story Gathering, a place where the senses and soul collide.

+ Shauna Niequist on Perfectionism

Shauna Niequist is the author of The New York Times Bestseller, Present Over Perfect, as well as Bread & Wine, Bittersweet, and Cold Tangerines. We talk about the struggle to stay present in a culture that demands perfection.

+ Mike Foster on Second Chances

Mike Foster is the founder and Chief Chance Officer of People of the Second Chance, a nonprofit organization championing not-so-perfect people. We talk about shame, the Muppets, and what to do with a purpose that won't let go of you.

+ Leo Bud Welch on Perseverance

Leo "Bud" Welch began his recording career at age 81. A Mississippi native who spent 30 years as a lumberjack, he embodies the sound of the working class bluesman, a craft he's gracefully been maturing since the young age of 15 when he first picked up a guitar. We talk about perseverance, hard work, and the way songs move.

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