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Welcome to Clarity.


The Manifesto Course Helps Creative Leaders...

+ Discover who their audience is.
+ Develop their unique message.
 + Make it resonate with people.


"For the last year I've been trying to figure out a way to branch out on my own with my production company.  Manifesto gave me a clear insight on developing my "why".  I now know who I want to reach and how to focus on one particular service.  I've grown my personal client list by 5 since going through the course." 

Mike Barnet: Seattle, Washington

"It's awesome, meaty material but in bite-sized pieces so you don't get so overwhelmed that you never finish. I really liked the video segments as a precursor to the workbook materials. By watching CJ give insight into each section, I was able to engage in a deeper way than just going through the written material."

Brandi Roe: Nashville, Tennessee

"We did our first pitch since reworking our manifesto with CJ. We did so well we got chosen to present at Demo Day in front of a bunch of  investors and venture capitalists. It was awesome having an outside perspective on our business model and the language being used to explain what we do and why we do it."

Jamie Aplin: Toronto, Canada

Please tell me this isn't just another e-course

It's not. Promise. Aside from the massive amounts of clarity, you'll walk away from this course with a powerful, tangible body of language you can use over and over again on your website, social media, and in conversations with those you wish to reach. 


9 Videos. 9 workbooks. go at your own pace.


1. Finding Your Why:  Sustaining your movement and overcoming the Snozzberry Effect.

2. Knowing Your Purpose: Getting others excited without losing them in the process.

3. Owning Your Position: Knowing how you're unique in a crowded, noisy world. 

4. Sharing Your Story (Pt 1): Discovering why conflict is your best friend.

5. Sharing Your Story (Pt 2):  Learning the Mr. Miyagi approach to reaching others.

6. Distinguishing Your Voice: Taking advantage of a compelling, consistent personality. 

7. Deciding Your Principles: Planning how to survive when tension enters the room.

8. Making Your Promise: Holding your message accountable to yourself and others.

9. Putting it all Together: Writing your manifesto and taking your message to the world.

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm CJ. I've spent the last 10 years helping movements like The Red CampaignThe UN Foundation, and OBEY build their message and share it with the world. With a background as a producer, journalist, and brand strategist, some of my work has shown up in places like TEDx,  MGM StudiosTimes SquareThe Huffington PostCBS Money Watch, and MTV

I believe in you and the impact you have on all of us which is why I'm committed to unleashing the movement that exists within you and your tribe.

I’ve seen leaders who have struggled for years finally grasp the words they needed after going through this process. 

I’ve seen people quit their day job and dive head first into the work they were designed to do (and live to tell the tale). 

I’ve seen teams resolve major conflicts and get on the same page toward a shared vision.

I can’t wait to see what YOU do with it.

"I'm excited for all the good things that will exist in the world because people were bold enough to work through this."

Brad Montague: Creator of Kid President

"It's everything you need to feel inspired, directed, and refined as a creator or maker. I can't recommend it enough!"

Sarah Dubbledam: Founder, Darling Magazine


"CJ helped us cut through the noise in our own heads. We are a more focused, effective organization thanks to this process."

Jeremy Courtney: Co-Founder, Preemptive Love

Manifesto Light


✔︎9 High-Quality Video Sessions

✔︎In-Depth Journal Workbook

✔︎Manifesto Blueprint

✔︎Email Support

✔︎Lifetime Membership





✔︎9 High-Quality Video Sessions

✔︎In-Depth Journal Workbook

✔︎Manifesto Blueprint

✔︎Email Support

✔︎Lifetime Membership

✔︎Private Community Forum

✔︎How To Start A Movement Audio Course & Ebook



Manifesto + Coaching


✔︎Everything in the previous package PLUS

✔︎3 one-on-one Skype sessions with me AND

✔︎Sounds Like A Movement Workbook for advanced training




How does the course actually work?

Each session contains an instructional video and workbook. Every session builds upon the last. You can go through all 9 sessions at your own pace.

What do I get with Manifesto + Coaching?

In addition to accessing all of the course material online, you'll get three weekly coaching sessions with me (approx. 30 min each). These coaching sessions can happen over Skype or FaceTime and are meant to help guide you on a deeper level through the material. Once you purchase, you'll immediately be prompted to pick a time slot that works for you within the next month.

How much time does each session take?

On average, it takes about 1-2 hours to complete each session. When I've done this process for organizations, I've found that having them step away from the content for a few minutes each session helps re-focus their mind and spark creativity.

I've seen some pretty short manifestos. Will i get my money's worth?

Short answer: Yes. Most manifestos created from this course will be about a page or two long. What you're really doing is crafting that foundational language every great movement uses to influence those they want to reach. Lots of people guess at this language and thus, never have the impact they want. This course is specifically designed to guide you through a step-by-step process that works.

More Questions?

Email hello@soundslikeamovement.com

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