Jeff Arnold

Sometimes the very hardest thing to do is to begin. How did you start?

I'm a filmmaker, photographer and musician. I started out on the music side of things. I moved to Nashville right after college, played with a band for a year, and then worked as a "hired gun" as they call it. Which basically means I played guitar for whoever needed it. But being newly married… it just didn't pay the bills and I ended up spending a lot of time making lattes at Starbucks. 

After a few years of that I met a video editor through our church group. One night I expressed my frustration with where I was in my career (or lack there of) and he offered me a job doing some rough edits. I had done some basic editing in college but nothing serious. He taught me how to navigate the new editing software and it turned out I was pretty good at it.  Then I picked up a camera and fell in love with making short films. That set me on a path to traveling the world with a camera capturing stories I love. 

If you were to mentor someone reading this right now who’s still in the “making lattes” season of their life, what would you share with them?

For the last 3 years I've been mentored by Chuck Bigger who is a fantastic photojournalist.  While traveling the world together this is one piece of wisdom that he gave that stays with me. "80% of success is showing up on time." Along the way I added, “When you do your work with all your heart, everything else falls in place.”

Do you ever fight Comparison?

I used to struggle with it a lot. I'd see a film someone put out that was amazing and would beat myself up, comparing a huge production to the piece I was working on.  I've come to realize that I am the best I can be. My clients and fans love my work and there is no need to compare myself. I'd love to say I've moved past that but it still creeps up every now and then.

Your one of the more diverse artists I know. You write, you paint, you film, you edit… the list goes on!  Is balancing all those mediums a struggle?

I'm always switching art mediums.  When I am in a long season of editing. I like to explore other ways of expression through art.  I'm a musician as well and it helps to sit down and work out some new tunes or dive into a songwriting session with someone. Or some days I pick up my film camera and shoot just for me. I also watch a lot of films and documentaries and look for different ways of moving the camera to tell a certain story .At the root of all those mediums, I’m a storyteller. I love the process of discovering and sharing stories. 

What stories are you most passionate about right now?

Right now I'm discovering the story of my beautiful city Colorado Springs and I believe we're on the brink of a renaissance. So over the next few years I'm trying to film as much of it as I can and see what happens. The dream is to put together a documentary about this wonderful city and capture it's transformation.  Amazing stories are sometimes right under our feet and not so far away. 

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